Bronzers and Accelerators

DS Stardom $99.99


Stellar 60x Bronzing Force is Designer Skin's darkest and longest lasting combination of bronzing ingredients, with Dark Abyss Elixir for flawless extended color development lasting up to 28 days. GlowGevity Complex draws moisture to skin to ensure a beaming glow. Sumptuous Silicone Blend has a luscious, light weight feel to leave skin silky.

Fragrance: Mango Champagne     

13.5 oz

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DS Adore $84.99


A revolutionary Silicone Emulsion Therapy which hydrates and promotes smooth, sinfully-soft skin for a youthful looking glow. Wondrous skincare and essential ingredients condition the skin for optimal results and a more defined look.

Fragrance: Sweet Vanilla Musk     13.5 oz

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AG JWOWW Fit Goals $59.99


Finding balance between being active and achieving those Fit Goals is finally attainable! This Extreme DHA Bronzer provides intense immediate results and darker developed color that is free of any maintenance! The Fitness Complex   ensures your skin is prepped and ready for each session. Perfect your tanning technique and see results instantly!

Fragrance: Bodacious Berry     13.5 oz

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AG G Gentlemen Intense $39.99


Take you color to the next level with this Lightweight Dominant Dark Intensifier, which flawlessly delivers a quick absorbing formula for maximum darkening potential. Radiant Confidence Complex combines luxurious skin care ingredients to nourish and moisturize that tough exterior. ColorGuard Tattoo Technology hydrates and gives tattoos vibrancy.

Fragrance: Rugged     8.5 oz

AG G Gentlemen $39.99

AG G Gentlemen

Want it all, now you can have it all. Indulge in our unique base of coconut water for a superior, hydrated feel. Natural bronzers and DHA combine for immediate dark results and delayed, developed color. CellActive Complex is specially designed for male skin and provides extreme hydration for longer-lasting deep color.

Fragrance: Rugged    8.5 oz

SB Pink Cabana $34.99


Sunshine. Shades. Palm trees. The allure of summer is calling, so let the good times & tan lines roll! You're the sweet, sporty beach babe who loves to hang out poolside - so take a dip in head-to-toe color. New Island Bronze blend enhances your dark glow for incredible results while agave nectar and yumberry keep your skin firm and smooth. It's spring break forever!

Fragrance: Sunset Surf     8.5 oz

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AG Sinfully Black $24.99


Indulge your guilty pleasures with this deviously dark bronzing formula that will instantly make others envious of your Sinfully Black color. No need to repent! Be proud of your dark, rich color!

Fragrance: Temptuous Berry     8.5 oz

AG Accelerator $21.99


Light-weight, quick absorbing intensifying lotion. Botanical Essences supply important nutrients for dark color, while moisturizing ingredients help hydrate skin for a soft, smooth effect.

Fragrance: CocoaDreams     8.5 oz


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SB Pink Diamond $34.99


A dark bronzing system with mild T2 Tingle and hemp. Enhanced with LipoCare, a triple action anti-aging and slimming formula.

Fragrance: Citrus Cranberry     8.5 oz


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AG Hemp Nation Berries and Lavendar $21.99


Relax and find your new zen! A delectable blend of wild berries provides powerful antioxidant properties for a luminous youthful glow, while lavendar soothes and calms for soft, touchable skin. NeverFade Tattoo Technology deeply hydrates to make ink colors more vibrant while preventing color from fading with each use. THC Drug Free, Paraben Free

Fragrance: Wild Berries & Lavender    18 oz

AG Forever After $19.99


All day, triple-action, anti-aging & slimming formula contains hemp for silky, smooth skin.

Fragrance: Warm Creamy Vanilla     22 oz

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